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Time for a change

I’ve just moved back to London after 4 years in Shanghai and Singapore. I’m readjusting to both the temperature and fitting back into home but now with a family and different role.

It has made me reflect on how we deal with change. I know many people over the past couple of years have considered changing jobs, company or moving home for a different lifestyle. Equally I know that some people have the change thrust upon them.

When change is forced on us it can be particularly unsettling. It may take a while to process, adjust and choose how to respond. Emotions can range through anger, frustration and despondency to seeing it as an opportunity and excitement.

Even when it is voluntary it can be in equal parts exciting and scary, with apprehension about moving out of your comfort zone.

I have chosen to make big changes several times in my career, moving country and role, although I always find it challenging in the lead up. The push to do something different, the excitement of the new opportunity and adventures is suddenly overtaken by a desire to hold onto the familiar and the fear of doing something new. Knowing that once the change has happened there is the period of discomfort and vulnerability as I settle into the new world. There will be a steep learning curve, both professionally and personally.

It takes time to understand the new environment, build new relationships and a support network. You feel uncertain as your re-establish your competence and credibility. Whether changing role or location you might find that what worked before to make you successful doesn’t work now. It can be exhausting and emotionally draining as you learn and adapt.

Luckily the leaps I have taken have paid off and I have amazing memories, friendships and experiences as a result. In the midst of the adjustment process it can sometimes be hard to remind myself that it will all be fine in the end.

These reasons are why engaging a coach at a time of change can be a huge help. It provides a safe space to explore these challenges and express your feelings, frustrations and fears. They can help keep things in perspective when you feel overwhelmed and ensure you focus on how to make the most of your strengths in the new environment. They may also highlight blindspots and new approaches to consider trying in navigating the new environment. It can accelerate the adjustment period and short circuit the muddling through that might otherwise lead you through eventually to being confident and successful again.

If you are considering or in the midst of a change and would like to discuss coaching to speed you through to success, please get in touch.

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