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Shortcut to success

Is there a shortcut to success? I know everyone is looking for it.

You’ve secured a new job, congratulations! Whether it’s a promotion, a new company or maybe a new country you’re excited but at the same time anxious to make a good start. The start of any new job is challenging, which is often why you’ve chosen to take it, to stretch yourself, to grow and take on more responsibility. If the job also includes taking on a new team or growing scale it can add an extra layer of pressure and complexity. How do you make sure you make the impact you want to? After the initial buzz of newness and introductions runs out, how do you ensure you keep your motivation, energy and adapt to situations that come up?

I’ve been asked before how do you decide to take the risk on new opportunities, jumping to a new team or a new country? The question made me pause as for me there’s not really been another option. I’ve always wanted to take on new challenges and thrive on learning new things so when I’ve been asked I’ve usually said yes. I also recognise that in doing so I place a level of potentially avoidable stress on myself. The first 3-6 months of any new job are always really hard. There’s been plenty of tears and I’m very lucky to have a strong support network of family and friends that have been on the end of the phone when I’ve just arrived in a new country wondering what on earth I’ve done!

Sounds familiar? So where’s the shortcut?

Whilst you might not be able to short-circuit the hard work and steep learning curve, you can certainly make it easier on yourself by doing it alongside a coach. The challenge in those early days is knowing who to trust, where to go for advice and how vulnerable you can be with your new team and peers. This is all whilst trying to take in a huge amount of information daily and being called on to make decisions that you’re really not sure of the background yet and likely outcome but eyes are looking up at you.

A coach creates a space for you to bring those challenges, to discuss your plans and ideas for the role and then help adapt them as you get to understand the environment, people and circumstances better. As the boxer Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”, the coach helps you respond quickly and confidently when things don’t go as you initially hoped. The coach is independent of your stakeholders and there to hold you accountable to your own goals whilst backing you from your corner all the way.

A recent client of mine engaged me prior to starting a big new role in a new country. Prior to his move we worked on his plan for his initial 100 days. I gave him challenge on his strategy that helped him refine a vision that he could confidently deliver, whilst allowing space for adjustment once he landed. We then followed up with regular sessions once he started that ensured he was staying on track with his aims and able to respond to unforeseen circumstances and challenging interpersonal dynamics.

Engaging me as your coach is an investment in yourself and your desire to do well. You’re ensuring you have the support, challenge and guidance to make that initial dip as shallow as possible, protecting your energy and putting yourself onto the track for success.

Get in touch if you’re ready to invest in your success.

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