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Time for a summer boost - Reflect, refresh, refocus

The past year has been hard for everyone, wherever you are in the world. For some people, the extended time working from home has caused them to consider their career and priorities and prompted a desire to make changes. Some are being forced to adjust through a change in circumstances. For others, there is a feeling of just surviving and having lost motivation, they are looking for a way to rediscover their mojo and re-engage with their work.

Summer brings with it sunshine, more opportunities to be out in the fresh air and the ability to look outwards. I am offering a short, sharp boost for those wanting to invest in themselves and refocus their energies in their chosen direction. Drive towards your goals with renewed vigour.

We’ll reflect on what is important to you, refresh your confidence and motivation, and refocus your plans and energy. And as with any good plan, we will build in time for feedback, adjustment and commitment.

I am offering a special rate for a package of 4 sessions between June and August to give you the boost you need. Get in touch through my website if this could be for you:

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