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Put a spring in your step

Spring has definitely arrived here in London, announced by blue skies, daffodils and baby animals. I’m enjoying having seasons again after my time living near the equator. Spring is my favourite one, although that might be biased by it including my birthday!

For the natural world it is the end of hibernation and it can feel like that for us too. As we come blinking and stretching into the sun after a dreary winter, feeling energised and excited. It is amazing how much the sun impacts our mood and we look positively at opportunities ahead.

With renewed optimism and energy we can feel like there are more possibilities for us and a desire to push onwards and upwards. Whether that be achieving more in our current role or considering a change. This is a great time to engage a coach. A coach can help you channel your enthusiasm into action, building confidence to move forward and execute on your plan. If you’re anything like me, having someone else support you in achieving your goals lifts a weight as well as providing a level of accountability. In the same way I see the parks full of people having personal training sessions to achieve their fitness goals, an executive coach can support you through your career milestones. As a coach my role is to challenge and support you to be ambitious in what you can achieve and to make the most of your strengths and capabilities.

If you want to get started on defining and achieving your goals or want to discuss how coaching could help, please get in touch.

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