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Conversations across cultures, Part 2 - Asia to Europe and back again

In the second of my series speaking to people who've moved and worked in different cultures, I spoke to Francesca Suarez, who has moved from Asia to Europe and back again.

Francesca grew up in the Philippines before moving to Europe, living in UK, Spain and France. She shares insights on adapting to life in France and then readjusting again recently to Singapore. She compares the directness of the French to the Asian expectation to maintain face. She's found sometimes the simplest approach is to ask if you’re unsure of your cultural context and how you are coming across.

We also discuss the differing attitudes to work life separation with France's "droit de la déconnexion" and the importance of choosing the right company for you and your own priorities.

I hope you find some useful insights and food for thought if you are contemplating moving for work or working with colleagues in different cultures.

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